The Divine Messengers
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Intuitive Guidance Session - Email Only - 30 Mins - Up to 3 Questions Max-$60
The Divine Messengers - Services
Intuitive Guidance Session - One Hour - 2 Psychic-Mediums - $175, Follow - up Session - $150
Intuitive Guidance Session - One Hour - 2 Psychic Mediums $200 - 2 people-Follow-up $175
Ideal for those not able to come to an in-person session. Provides guidance for your highest priority questions in written form.  Payment done by email transfer or Visa, MasterCard (coming soon!).

At The Divine Messengers, we love our 'work', we love our beautiful clients and we love working with the Divine Teams that help us every day, with every client. We are honoured to do this "work" and feel as though we really do make a difference and contribute to improvements in people's lives by happily filling our roles as messengers and practitioners. 
In this session,  we are able to delve into more detail on the immediate messages we receive​ and ensure clients fully understand all aspects of the information.  A one hour session is a great opportunity to receive messages from departed loved ones as it provides time to validate and ensure client's receive answers to critical life-healing questions.   All sessions are recorded for your take home benefit.

This in-depth session provides the time to use several different tools which could include cards, psychometry (hand holding and message communicating), Runes, Medium-ship and Angel and Spirit Guide Messaging.  Clients typically have the opportunity to address the big questions in the various aspects of their life. .

A full body massage with imbalances and pain points being priority.  Massage gel is used and client is draped while lying on a professional massage table.  All treatment modalities used are combined and done on the massage table.
Professional Bodywork Session - One Hour - $80
Professional Bodywork Session - One And One Half Hours - $120
A full body massage with extra time spent on problem areas as well as head, hands and feet. Massage gel is used and client is draped hile lying on a professional massage table..  All treatment modalities used are combined and done on the massage table.
NEW!!!  Quickee-Question and Guidance - $10 per Question
Created for our Twitter and FB clients who need quick guidance for a burning question.  Guidance will be returned in writing and contained in a sentence or two.

Property Cleansing - Price Depends On Size Of Property And Findings-(estimates given at time of booking)
Using a variety of tools and divine cleansing methods, 2 Divine Messengers will come to your home, work or property and remove and replace any negative energy, entities, and lost souls with pure light.  A report of the findings and recommendations for the property are done as part of the service.
Wholistic Living - Councelling Sessions -3 session package $210, 1 Session $90
Teaching families and individuals how to live in better awareness and practice using natural, whole foods, clean water, reduced toxins, reduced chaos, increased stillness, increased time in our natural state of mind, body and spirit balance. Topics covered are customized to family and individual needs, health issues, sensitivities and emotional history.
Whole Foods Shopping, Meal Prep and Cooking - Prices Depend on Client Needs
This service helps busy individuals and families to eat real, whole, natural and GOOD meals when they don't have the knowledge, time or desire to do it themselves.  We customize the work that is done based on each client's needs. Our goal is for our clients to become keenly aware of the differences they experience in their bodies, moods and energy as they develop a connection with food that serves their body and souls.
The Light and Fun Side of The Divine Messengers:

Group Readings

Invite a minimum of 8 friends to your home or our studio and have a fun night with everyone receiving messages in a group setting. $35 person and Host(ess) receives 1/2 hour session for free!

Home Parties / (Our) Studio Parties
Use your 2.5 hours with TWO Psychic Mediums however you want to split it between your guests. Choose 30 minute Intuitive Guidance Session($99) or 1 hour sessions. $450 flate rate for the 2.5 hours with our 2 Psychic Medium team.  30 Min free Intuitive Guidance Session for Host(ess)!

Appointment Notice and Cancellation Policy

Please note that an appointment that is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the session fee.  

No Shows and cancellations received less than 4 hours before scheduled appointment time will be charged full session fee with the appointment rescheduled for a time that works for you and our team.

We thank you for your business and your respect for us and our other clients who are waiting for sessions.

Weight Challenges and Spiritual, Emotional Healing Solutions - Councelling Sessions -3 session package $210, 1 Session $90
This service is focussed on changing our relationship with the food we put into our bodies and getting  connected to what our individual nutritional needs are. We also focus on what body movement means to us.  We  use Spirit's guidance and messages to tailor programs to everybody's individual body and emotional history and needs.