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About The Divine Messengers
The Divine messengers began informally 5 years ago when two sisters began to honour and further develop their God given skills in Mediumship, Psychic Messaging, Thai Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and numerous other physical and spiritual modalities.  Their extensive education in wholistic living including food studies, nutrition, whole foods cooking, Veganism,  meditation, aromatherapy, intuition development, supplements, herbs,  movement and detoxification of body and home has resulted in a diverse range of skills to unify client's body, mind and spirit naturally.

Readings - Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Affectionately known as the 'gifted and twisted sisters', T and J are fantastic compliments to eachother during intuitive, psychic readings with their clients.  Messages received and given to clients are always divine, perfect and exactly what needs to be heard at that moment.  J and T are sensitive, compassionate, loving, and respectful of their clients.  Nothing is more important to them than operating from a place of love, respect and confidentiality with every client.

While intuitive readings provide fantastic guidance and support often resulting in immediate healing and awareness, there are also other very effective options to heal with the Divine Messengers.

​Body Work

Lie down, let go, relax and enjoy bodywork encompassing methods learned across the globe.  While using Thai massage, Cranial Sacral, traditional western massage methods, and highly developed intuition,  clients notice the wonderful affects of rebalancing and releasing through hands on body work..  Divine messages needing to be communicated to clients to help in their healing are discussed during the session.

Wholistic Living - Councelling and Cooking

Helping client's and their families (we are passionate about healthy kids!) build awareness and practice sourcing, cooking and eating whole foods, identifying and eliminating toxins, drinking water that builds health, building and remembering intuition, learning about herbs, supplements and quieting the mind and body. 

Home And Property Cleansing

One of the laws of science is "Energy cannot be destroyed or created - it can only change form". Often times our houses, properties and work places have a long history before we arrive and call it 'home'.  There is also history that builds once we reside/work somewhere for a long period of time.  Sometimes there are events that occur that create negative energy and it builds over time within physical structures. Trauma, prolonged anger, sadness, death, loss, and divorce are a few things that can impact the energy of a place. Sometimes there are also souls having a hard time making their transition to the light and they need a little guidance. The Divine Messengers have been successfully doing cleanses for years.  
The Divine Messengers started with T and J as founding partners and other phenomenal women are now joining our team.​

We look forward to healing and growing with you! Thank you for your support.

Love, Light and Blessings to You!

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"Committted to helping our clients release what no longer serves them on their path to greatness"!