The Divine Messengers
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Helping You Is So Selfish! We love it so much - it can't be work?!
The Divine Messengers is a group of phenomenal women who are  passionate about helping  you achieve greater awareness and healing of body and mind and spirit. We are dedicated to working with you to release that which stands in the way of you living every day as your highest, natural, joyful self.

We are honoured to be a part of your healing journey.

Let your spirit soar!!!
Our team is comprised of experts in the areas of Psychic Mediumship, Alternative Healing Modalities, Thai Massage, Cranial Sacral Massage and Body Work, Wholistic lifestyle changes including nutrition and cooking, Mind-Body-Spirit Connecting, and Meditation. For more information click on 'Services' above.  With Love and Light, The Divine Messengers
"I cannot thank you enough (for the Intuitive Guidance Session). I'm making conscious choices to a better self and last night was a beautiful confirmation and the therapy I needed to let go".- Carly -Reading Client
"The Divine Messengers have helped guide me to use the tools of the Universe for my highest and best good.  Through their help, suggestions and support, my life is on a new and better enlightened path.  A great experience each time I've gone for a reading.  I always feel better and enriched by their intuition and guidance.  So incredibly grateful to have met J and T"-PH, Edm,AB